Tmnt boyfriend scenarios cuddles

Could I request a oneshot of RaphxReader where Raph find out the readers so cheated on them and the reader is just really devastated and just needs hugs and cuddles from Raph? This had officially been the worst day of your life so far, and talking to April was about the only thing keeping you from completely wallowing in your own misery.

Your boyfriend for the last 9 months or so had cheated on you with some skank he barely knew.

Leo X Reader- Stay. Please.

You just wanted to curl up in your bed and never resurface - this was embarrassing as well as heartbreaking, and the idea of facing school after 3 short days away made you want to cry all over again.

You did miss the boys, especially Raphael. You two were such good mates now and it felt weird going so long without having him at your side. As well, feeling as down as you do currently, his company could really help brighten your mood, somewhat.

And hey, it may distract you for a bit. Maybe she was right, maybe it would keep your mind off of things for a bit.

tmnt boyfriend scenarios cuddles

But it was helpful, now, to know that they were in, and now roaming the city rooftops somewhere, when you needed them now. Walking in, the distant sound of Mikey screaming in the dojo echoed around the otherwise quiet room in which you had just entered. You guessed it was probably Leonardo training with Michelangelo currently, as Donatello would likely be in his lab rather than sparring at this time of night.

You had almost had it with people giving you that same, sorry look.

tmnt boyfriend scenarios cuddles

After a hesitant pause, Raphael looked up at you with the loving eyes only you got to see regularly; his brothers thought him the hot-headed one, the angry and unfeeling one, but you knew him to be compassionate and caring too.

You could see that in his gaze now. Trying your best not to cry, you simply nodded. In seconds, Raphael was on his feet, and you dove into his arms without thinking twice about it. It was nice to feel his warmth sheltering you from everything, and to feel his arms holding you safely against his chest, so that nothing might hurt you again.

Raph lent down a second later, and placed a soft and gentle kiss atop your head.

tmnt boyfriend scenarios cuddles

You were too engrossed in the smell of him, the comforting serenity of his arms and loving nature when around you. Though April helped with your day to day problems, Raphael was well and truly the best friend you could ask for. Tags: tmnt raphael tmnt raphael x reader tmnt raph tmnt leonardo tmnt leo tmnt donatello tmnt donnie tmnt michelangelo tmnt mikey tmnt imagine tmnt tmnt teenage mutant ninja turtles.Name 10 of your favourite characters from 10 different fandoms one character from each fandom.

Originally posted by jyro. After all, being a detective, he had to learn how to keep his composure. His laugh is music to your ears! It sounds like an angel! Thanks for requesting! Hope you like it! Posts Request here Masterlist Rules Archive. InuYasha for me. Going on a temporary hiatus Hey guys! How are you? Thank you all for the lovely notes and messages!

See you in two weeks! Rules : 1. Tag 10 people. Kiryu Zero Vampire Knight 8. Gray Fullbuster Fairy Tail 7. Kaido Shun Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 6. Kurapika Hunter x Hunter 5. Suwa Hiroto Orange 3. Green Oak Pokemon 2. Luca Arcana Famiglia 1. Anonymous asked: can i get tickle spot head cannons for Goro Akechi please?

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But when he finds out the reason why they have a palace, he feels relieved. He would be angry at himself for not realising how much they were suffering. If he payed more attention to their behaviour, he could have prevented it. The moment he finds out, he tells the whole gang and the Phantom Thieves go straight to their palace.

Hates the fact that he may fight them. He would be in denial for quite some time. I should have seen it coming! Writes the calling card. Once in the Palace, he tries to talk some sense into them to avoid fighting but fails.

tmnt boyfriend scenarios cuddles

Will get rid of the treasure as soon as possible. He was expecting to see their Shadow in the Mementos. Becomes very impatient and tries to force Joker to take action. Feels more depressed as he learns more about their true feelings. Starts forgetting to eat and loses motivation to paint.Also, my story has reachedviews!

This is just amazing. It's just I can't even describe it XDD. I also wanna thank ReinaNinja since she helped me out with the first season and a couple of episodes. If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't have even done that story or have the ideas that made their way into the episodes. Leo looks at his sleeping girlfriend next to him. She's so gorgeous. He's blessed to have her in his life.

Her shining emerald eyes are enough to make him want to have his way with her. Unfortunately, not everything is in bliss like they've both dreamed. She doesn't want it, obviously, or else she wouldn't be sneaking around with Leo for almost a year He's too boring, and he's a slob.

Why her parents think she's good for him, she doesn't know. There's something better out there for her. She wanted something more in her life. That guy is not her soulmate and she just wants to be happy. Have I told you how perfect you are? Inside and out. Her parentsOriginally posted by lillianlinus. It was the way his eyes just stared at you, growing in size and beginning to shine like glass; it was the way his bottom lip stuck out a bit, and quivered ever so slightly; it was the way his shoulders had slouched dramatically, and his brow, that had been set in stone before, softened with every second that passed.

He was shrinking, you could see it; he was cowering like a trapped animal, and the way he was looking so desperately up at you made it hard not to want to hug him. Honestly, it was nothing! As you edged closer, you saw Raphael slump to his knees. Anywhere but at you. Despite him hurting you, he was the one that looked truly broken. Though a second later, he finally let you hold his three fingers in your own.

After a slight pause, you placed his large hand on the side of your face, and watch him try to recoil in fear. Tags: tmnt raphael tmnt raph tmnt leonardo tmnt leo tmnt michelangelo tmnt mikey tmnt donatello tmnt donnie tmnt tmnt teenage mutant ninja turtles tmnt imagine raphael imagine tmnt raphael x reader imagine.Originally posted by shellshcked.

You were always a very artsy girl. You loved to paint, doodle, sketch, color. There were endless things you did. You even did a lot of DIY projects with arts and crafts. Currently, you were almost finished with your latest project. It was of a beach scene with the bright blue sky showing a beautiful day in summer. Your mutant boyfriend often ranted to you about how he could never take you to places like the mall or a nice diner. Recently however, with the warm summer breeze that hit him during patrols, he was very upset about not being able to take you to a beach.

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So you planned to fix that with this painting. He could easily hang it up in his room, maybe get like a mini sandbox and you both could cuddle in it together? Why not, right? He always thought your little ideas were cute.

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You grunted as another splatter of blue paint danced across your face from dozing off again as you painted. Crap, you know for a fact it got into the white beanie April gifted you for Christmas last year. You needed something to hold your hair back! Just one more swipe for texture aaand… Done!

You squeal in happiness, taking your not even dried project and dance around with it. Once you had entered the lair, you immediately go to the dojo where you find the turtle you loved so much.

He turns his head slightly to glance at your grinning face before doing a double take.Midoriya was starting to get worried now. As he reached the hallway, he noticed a Third-Year student cornering you against the wall, it seemed like he was whispering something to you. Once he actually got over there, he heard what the Third-Year was saying. Midoriya turned towards you and gave you a soft smile.

Oh boy, he gets jealous all the time. Inuyasha : starts to feel insecure.

When They’re Jealous | My Hero Academia Boyfriend Scenarios

He insults the person, yells at them and even threatens them but is too proud to blatantly state that he is jealous.

He then tells you that he will fight the other guy if he gets too close again. Sesshomaru : commands you not to talk to him again or it would result in consequences. He hesitates but does as you say, opening your snapchat to reveal a picture of you hanging upside down off your bed, your head fashioned into a makeshift spike. Originally posted by realstraykids.

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Can you do a soulmate au with Mark Lee where they both have the first words they say to eachother inked into their wrist or something like that. It would be great if it was kinda fluffy and funny.

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Sorry for bothering you again. Are you up? Keep reading. Are you feeling well? Have you eaten yet? Its getting cold please wear a jacket if you leave the house ok? He would come over after a long day of practice and sit with you watching a movie. Next thing you know he is trying to be smooth and does that dumb yawn-stretch-the-arm-put-it-around-you move.

The first time he said I love you it was an accident. He always tries to hold your hand.

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Like randomly you just feel his pinky wrap round yours. His ears would turn red and he would swing your arms lightly.

Tmnt Imagines — RaphxReader | Fluff | “Smurfette”

And immediately he is like right next to you waiting for you to finish. Next thing you know his arm is casually on you shoulder as you explain to the other guy how everything needs to go about being set up. Then not even five seconds go by and he is pulling you close and moving behind you to give a back hug. And I shit you not picks you up and carries you away.

All he wants you to do is go put on the outfit he picked out for you. But when you see the outfit… it is literally a mini him outfit. Same shirt. Even similar pants and both of you wear converse.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Louis thinks that maybe tickling him would be more fun. Harry's cold and wants Louis to cuddle him. The boys had just finished their world tour, and they had a few weeks off. Louis and Harry had decided to spend most of their time lounging around the house, catching up on some much needed alone time. They loved touring, but it was hectic, and they spent most of the time in the public eye, so being coupley wasn't really an option.

Harry was lying on the couch watching some cheesy soap opera on the telly, and Louis was making himself a cup of tea. Louis walked to stand in the doorway of the kitchen, looking out into the living room, "What do you need, love? It was early December for Christ's sake.

How one earth he managed to waltz around in sweats that sat low on his hips and absolutely no shirt was beyond Louis. Not that he really minded, of course. He himself was wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt AND a jumper, and he was still slightly chilly. You'd think with all the money they had that they could afford a good heater for their house, but theirs had stopped working properly ages ago, and neither of them could be bothered to call a repair man.

Louis supposed, in that sense, fame hadn't changed them at all. They were still as lazy as ever, and if it wasn't a downright horrible inconvenience, they could go for ages without getting the repairs they needed.

Harry raised an eyebrow at him, and Louis sat down on the couch beside Harry, resting his hands gently over Harry's exposed stomach before beginning to tickle him mercilessly.

Harry wriggled around underneath Louis' hands, trying to move himself away from the wiggling fingers, but it was no use.

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Louis wasn't going to let him go. He was gasping for air and laughing at the same time, and Louis decided to take a moment and file that sound away in his brain for when he was having a bad day and needed something to cheer him up, because honestly, it was one of the loveliest sounds on earth.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Harry's laugh on it's own was spectacular. But when he was gasping for air and wriggling around like a little child, although he was much larger than Louis and could have easily overpowered him, that was Louis' favorite. He brought his hands up higher, tickling under Harry's armpits, and the younger boy squeaked, causing Louis to laugh. It had been quite a high pitched little squeak, and Louis was rather certain he'd never heard that exact sound come from Harry before.

He must have been embarrassed by it, too, because one of his large hands flew up to cover his own mouth, as if trying to stop himself from making that sound ever again.

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